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State laws make it no legal to use or possess cocaine in any quantity, including powder cocaine, crack cocaine, and cocaine paraphernalia. Considered as a Schedule-II controlled substance, there can be extremely harsh sentences for cocaine possession, particularly in those cases where cocaine was transported across state lines, or where the accused person has a record of prior drug-related crimes. If you or someone you love was recently detained for cocaine possession, you really need to contact a drug possession criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

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Cocaine Possession Defense Attorney

Our criminal defense attorneys have years of experience representing indictees of serious drug offenses involving cocaine, including:

-Cocaine Possession with Intent to Deliver (PWID)
-Simple Possession of Crack Cocaine
-Simple Possession of Powder Cocaine
-Possession of Cocaine Paraphernalia

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Our attorneys have attained superlative outcomes for a great deal of clients who were dealing with tough, seemingly hopeless situations, including punishment reductions, discharges, and case dismissals. If you or a family member is being probed for allegedly cocaine possession, our criminal defense attorneys are well-trained to provide you with aggressive defense that you are entitled to.

For a completely confidential legal consultation with a skilled, well-experienced and highly-reliable cocaine possession criminal defense attorney, please do not hesitate to contact our Law Office. We know your situation is quite urgent, which is why we take calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Sentences for Felony and Misdemeanor

Cocaine possession indictments may deeply involve possession for personal use, which is called “simple possession,” or possession with intent of selling or distributing the cocaine, which is called “possession with intent to deliver” or PWID. What is the difference between simple possession and PWID cocaine? Even though the facts surrounding a detention will affect the indictment, the distinction between these two charges often comes down to two factors:

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-Weight of cocaine.
-Way the cocaine was packaged when found.

No large amounts often prove possession for personal use, while larger quantities or multiple, separately packaged bags are often used as evidence of the intent to drug distribution.

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The sentences for cocaine possession also depend on various factors, including:

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-Whether the crime is indicted at state level. Most cocaine-related offenses are prosecuted under state law, but whether the illegal substances allegedly cross state lines – it becomes a much more serious federal crime.
-Amount of cocaine and the indictment nature. PWID is generally-treated as a much more serious indictment than simple possession, because it deals with a larger amount of drugs and accounts for a greater potential for harm to others.
-The accused person’s criminal history. Whether the accused has been indicted for cocaine possession or related drug crimes in the past, sentencing may be harsher than sentencing for first-crime cocaine possession.

Simple cocaine possession is frequently indicted as a misdemeanor, whereas PWID is more likely to result in felony indictments. The potential sentences for a felony are tougher and more severe than the potential sentences for a misdemeanor.

Misdemeanor cocaine possession may result in the following sentences:

-First Crime Misdemeanor Cocaine Possession

Sentence – Up to one (1) year in prison

Fine – Up to $5,000

License Suspension – Six (6) months (mandatory)

-Second Crime Misdemeanor Cocaine Possession

Sentence – Up to three (3) years in jail

Fine – Up to $25,000

License Suspension – One (1) year (mandatory)

-Third Crime Misdemeanor Cocaine Possession

Sentence – Up to three (3) years in jail

Fine – Up to $25,000

License Suspension – Two (2) years (mandatory)

The sentences for felony possession of cocaine range based on how much cocaine is deeply involved in the crime. The maximum jail sentence for first-crime felony cocaine possession, or subsequent crimes, is fifteen (15) years behind bars. In addition, there can be a criminal fine as high as $250,000. Furthermore, a sentencing will result in driver’s license suspension for a period of six (6) months for a first crime, one (1) year for a second crime, and eighteen (18) months for a third crime.

Cocaine Criminal Defense Attorney for PWID and Simple Possession

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Our aggressive legal team may be able to save you from the embarrassing, devastating after-effects that an indictment of cocaine possession can carry in your country. A skilled and highly-reliable trial attorney with vast experience as a prosecutor, is unmatched in his ability to find weaknesses in government’s case based on lack of evidence, illegal police procedure, or mishandling of evidence.

In addition to fighting cases head-on, we will work to get our clients accepted into diversionary programs, such as ARD (Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition. As a natural outcome of the many years of experience we have in handling cocaine possession cases, we can advise our clients when it is best to fight an indictment or when negotiating a deal may be the best option.

Therefore, for a free legal consultation about cocaine criminal indictments, please do not hesitate to contact our Law Office right away. We are here to help you.