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-Drug Transportation – Defending yourself against transporting drug indictments can be too complicated. Our attorneys will pay attention to your side of the story and work to have accusations dropped or sentences lessened.
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-Drug Paraphernalia Indictments – Possession of pipes, bongs, syringes, and other drug paraphernalia can lead to misdemeanor criminal accusations. Our criminal defense attorneys understand that any criminal indictment can negatively ruin your life. Let them represent you against charges made against you.
-Marijuana Indictments – Marijuana laws are in a flux. Our attorneys know how to navigate legal matters on the forefront of the law, and they will compassionately deal with your case.
-Marijuana Trafficking – If you import or transport marijuana, or if you sell, supply, or give away cannabis with no proper license, you could be indicted for marijuana trafficking. If found guilty of this crime, you deal with large fines and imprisonment.
-Meth Possession – While there are some pharmaceutical purposes for amphetamines, possession of too large a quantity of illegal substance can bring with it large fines, prison time, and much more.
-Cocaine Possession – Cocaine possession can be indicted as a misdemeanor or a felony, so it is critical to retain the assistance of a reliable and well-experienced drug attorney so that your rights and freedoms remain protected during the legal process.
-Prescription Drug Crimes – Illegal possession of prescription drugs and prescription drug fraud can give rise to serious consequences. Instead of sentence, you may need compassion, understanding, and rehab. Let our reliable and trusted attorneys help you get the treatment you really need while avoiding harsh sentences.

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If you have recently been detained on drug charges, you are probably too concerned about consequences that could follow an indictment. If you are presently the subject of a criminal drug-related case, it is critical to count on the legal assistance of a criminal defense attorney with vast experience facing drug investigations. A trusted, reliable and skilled attorney can guide you through your legal process, guaranteeing you understand your rights as well as how you can fight back.

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Investigative Process

In most countries, drug probes are spearheaded by the law enforcement department’s drug or vice unit. Further, these divisions are the largest in their respective departments, with a great number of police officers, endless funds, and a wealth of resources. Drug investigations often start with information from a witness, such as an undercover police officer or a member of the community. However, law enforcement departments often receive anonymous tips closely related to certain drug offenses. Plus, police departments often work with divisions of the federal government, such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Your Rights During Drug Investigations

During any police probe, those people suspected of committing an offense usually have a right to certain level of privacy. This means that, in most cases, law enforcement need the warrant to search your house or car. The only exception to this rule is when the law enforcement has probable cause or when they need to prevent an indictee from destroying evidence. If drug paraphernalia is visible from outside you home, for instance, the law enforcement may be able to enter with no warrant. They might also be allowed to enter with no warrant when they have been told a suspect is likely to destroy critical evidence.

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Under a police investigation, there are many variables at stake. While police officers are bound to follow proper proceedings as to collecting evidence, the law enforcement officers sometimes breach the rules. Carrying out illegal search and seizures and detaining individuals with no sufficient evidence is certainly not unheard of in drug investigations. If you strongly believe that your rights have been violated, it may be possible to prove your innocence by displaying police misconduct.

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Our drug attorneys understand how distressing these situations can be. With many years of experience in dealing with drug cases, our criminal defense attorneys know exactly what to look for when it comes to law enforcement misconduct. With his assistance, you may be able to prove that the law enforcement did not follow the law, either during their investigation or your detention.

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Being indicted for a drug-related crime can be fearsome, mainly when the sentences of an indictment have the potential to destroy your life. A drug indictment can mean the creation of permanent criminal record.

When seeking legal defense, you must pick up an attorney that is up to the task. You need the assistance of a professional who will look out for your best interests, someone with vast experience facing up your type of case. Our highly-skilled drug defense attorneys have more than 20 years of experience with intricacies drug cases. Besides, they have spent time as both a prosecutor and a defender. They can anticipate the prosecution’s strategy so as to construct a strong defense.

Choosing Legal Representation

Maybe the most important trait of a skilled and well-experienced defense attorney is his/her level of experience. If a criminal defense attorney has not spent a significant quantity of time-fighting for individual’s rights, how do you know they will be able to protect yours? Plus, it is critical to look for a reliable and trusted criminal defense attorney who has knowledge of the offense you are being indicted for. A understanding of drug offenses means understanding the evidence required to reach an indictment. If a defense attorney can prove that the evidence does not exist, indictments can be lessened or even dropped.

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As another significant factor to consider when contacting a drug defense attorney is his/her ability to communicate. In order to have the best option of avoiding an indictment, you need a criminal defense attorney who can articulate an effective argument in court. You also need a professional who is willing to pay attention to your side of your story. When all details have been collected, your case can be presented in a positive light. It is also critical to be legally represented to keep you calm throughout the legal proceedings.

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How our reliable and skilled attorneys can help

The assistance of a well-experienced attorney can be invaluable throughout the criminal court process. When the law enforcement are investigating your case, for instance, a criminal defense attorney can guarantee that they follow the proper protocols and proceedings. An attorney can also aid to point out rights violations, some of which can give rise to your case being thrown out entirely. When plea offers are made by the prosecution, a criminal defense attorney can help you determine whether or not the deal is fair. Whether certain terms need to be adjusted, your defense attorney can negotiate on your behalf. If your case ends up going to trial, an attorney can help to dispel any rumors or incomplete evidence. They can carry out their own investigation to determine whether or not your rights were violated.

If you have been incriminated on a drug-related crime, you may be concerned about spending years behind bars or paying huge fines. What’s more, you may not know how your family will survive without you. Maybe they rely on you for financial support, or perhaps your presence is needed to keep the strength of your family unit. Whatever the case may be, it is critical that you avoid imprisonment by looking for the assistance of a well-experienced, trusted and skilled criminal defense attorney. Our drug defense attorneys realize how hard these situations can be and with more than 20 years of experience, our attorneys can help you conduct a perfect defense. They will work tirelessly to safeguard your legal rights and strive for the best outcome possible.