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If you have been indicted for a misdemeanor possession charge, or a drug trafficking charge, you really need a skilled, well-experienced and trusted criminal defense attorney who is committed to protecting you and your rights. You need someone who will stand between you and the prosecution to guarantee that you receive a vigorous defense.

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You can find the strong advocate you really need at our Law Office. With more than 20 years of experience, our knowledgeable criminal defense attorneys can provide you with a strong defense to any drug indictment, including:

-Cocaine & Heroin Possession
-Drug Manufacturing and Cultivation Indictments
-Drug Possession
-Drug Possession with Intent to Deliver (PWID)
-Drug Trafficking
-Drug Offenses
-Marijuana Possession
-Prescription Drug Indictments
-Other controlled substance crimes

Do not make the mistake of taking on that every criminal defense attorney is the same. The attorney you pick could make an important difference in the result of your case. A well-experienced, trusted and skilled defense attorney from our law firm can make a positive difference in your case in a variety of avenues:

-We will closely examine law enforcement officer conduct resulting in your detention. Did the law enforcement officer conduct an unconstitutional search and seizure? Did they find illegal substances in your car after making an illegal traffic stop not supported by sufficient cause? Was a search warrant issued with no probable cause? We can seek the suppression of evidence obtained in violation of your constitutional rights.
-We may be able to get your indictments dismissed whether key evidence is suppressed or the prosecution otherwise fails to prove that your indictments are supported by probable cause.
-We will mantain the prosecution to its burden of proof. We offer well-experienced and trusted trial attorneys and we will not hesitate to aggressively fight your indictments at hearing trial if it is in your best interests to do so.
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-Even if the prosecution has a strong case and you do not wish to fight your indictments at trial, there are avenues we can help. We may be able to reach an agreement with the prosecution that will help you avoid a criminal sentence, plead to a lesser crime or significantly minimize any sentences arising from your indictments.

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Drug Possession With Intent to Deliver (PWID) Defense

A controlled substance PWID is a serious drug crime that has more severe sentences than simple drug possession. Depending upon the circumstances involved in the case, and also the type and amount of drug involved, the after-effects could include expensive fines and a lengthy term of imprisonment.

At our Law Group, our criminal defense attorneys have more than 20 years of combined experience providing drug offenses defense including drug trafficking. We fight for our clients and have the determination to provide the strong defense you really deserve.

PWID may include:

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-Prescription drugs

Drug Trafficking Attorneys

Drug trafficking indictments can amount to drug crimes that can be punishable by mandatory jail sentences. Complicated drug cases frequently involve other criminal indictments, and if you are not represented by a skilled defense attorney, you could have a permanent mark on your record that could drastically affect your future.

Defending Drug Trafficking Indictments

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Drug trafficking is a felony crime. Prosecuting attorneys take an aggressive position in felony cases and will pursue the maximum sentence. At our Law Group, we take an equally aggressive position when defending our clients.

Our criminal defense attorneys have tried hundreds of drug cases and have a proven track record facing drug cases, including drug manufacturing, possession, federal drug crimes and much more. Having a vast experience provides our team with additional insight into preparing a strong defense.

Federal Drug Crimes

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Drug indictments in federal courts are often too serious in nature, including felony drug trafficking indictments and drug possession charges involving large amount of marijuana, narcotics and other controlled substances. If you have been indicted for a federal drug crime, you need a highly-qualified, trusted and skilled criminal defense attorney who has specific experience representing clients against drug charges in federal court.

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We defend clients against all federal drug indictments. Our attorneys will not bring charges against an indictee unless they feel they have a very strong case. Anyone indicted for a federal drug crime must have a skilled, knowledgeable criminal defense attorney who is ready for a battle.

Our lawyers bring to each case the legal knowledge, hearing trial experience and determined resolve to make a positive difference for their clients. We are knowledgeable about federal sentencing guidelines. We do understand how to make compelling arguments for downward deviations from guidelines and understand other key defense policies that may be used to the advantage of clients indicted for federal drug crimes.

Our major objective is to determine whether there is any avenue to get indictments dropped or get an acquittal for our client. If that is not possible, or if clients prefer to solve matters through a negotiated agreement, we have the vast experience to carefully detail their possibilities and negotiate vigorously on their behalf with the prosecution.