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At our Law Office, we have a dedicated practice in defending people who dealt with drug-related crime indictments. Early in our career, our criminal defense attorneys worked as prosecuting attorneys. In later years, they switched their legal focus to defend those indicted for drug offenses. Their experience as both prosecuting attorneys and drug defense lawyers has proved invaluable for clients in many circumstances. They are aggressive trial lawyers and effective negotiators with a precise understanding of how the prosecuting side works. This enables them to create winning defense strategies that help clients see the best possible result.

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Drug possession offenses are being prosecuted more vigorously than ever in courts. Prosecuting attorneys and judges alike are cracking down on drug-related crimes, sometimes seeking prison time even for those sentenced for the first time. If you are someone you know has been indicted for a drug-related crime, you may be well aware that the indictments could result in a serious sentence. Depending on the type of drug crime, the end outcome could lead to jail time. The laws related to illegal substance possession and distribution are very strict, and judges are often known to give severe punishments.

Create Optimal Drug Defense Strategy

Before a judge determines your case, the best thing you can do when you are indicted for a drug-related crime is to contact a well-experienced, skilled and highly reliable criminal defense attorney who specifically handles drug possession indictments. The counsel of a skilled, experienced criminal defense lawyer can be an invaluable asset before taking the stand. A drug defense attorney can help you realize the potential sentences you may dealing with, and can help you set up the optimal case to minimize indictments. With years of legal experience providing criminal defense counsel, our criminal defense lawyers have record of success defending clients against drug-related crimes. Our drug defense attorneys have built a prominent reputation for aggressively challenging the evidence and securing favorable results for their clients. Our Law Firm´s criminal defense team has carried out effective, winning strategies to better guarantee that law enforcement officials do not see an unfair advantage over a client’s defense.

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Criminal Defense Attorneys for Drug Distribution

The distribution or manufacture of illegal drugs is not taken lightly. Depending on the situation, the delivery or possession with the intent to deliver illegal substances can result in several years of prison time. As the amount of drugs in possession increases, so does the severity of the sentence. However, drug laws include enhancements which can compound the punishment of a drug distribution crime. Such modifications are described below. If the accused person was in possession of a firearm at the time apprehended for distributing or manufacturing illegal substances, the punishment could be doubled. If the accused person was found distributing or manufacturing illegal drugs within 1,500 feet away from a school, church, or related-public building such as movie, theater or park, the punishment could be doubled.

Drug Defense Attorneys for Marijuana Possession

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In several States, it is illegal to possess any amount of Marijuana (also referred to as Cannabis). As the amount marijuana found in possession increases, so does the severity of the offense’s sentence. Smaller quantities of marijuana possession (less than 30g) are considered as a misdemeanor, whereas larger quantities (over 30g) fall under felony indictments.

The primary goal in defending against a marijuana possession indictments is to avoid a permanent rap sheet, a possibility that could potentially impact one’s career as well as their future opportunities. Our drug defense attorneys, can aggressively fight on your behalf if you are dealt with marijuana drug possession indictments. Regardless of the amount of marijuana you are allegedly caught to have possessed, our criminal defense attorney can research the case to help minimize the sentence for your case.

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Even though there are several ways to take in defending against a marijuana drug indictment, many favorable results derive from a well presented defense of the following two challenges:

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Challenge of Search: In some cases, an accused person’s rights can be applied due to an unlawful search and seizure.

These rights, which are rooted to the Constitution, are exercised in situations when people have been stopped or searched for no legal reason and with no a search warrant.

Challenge “Possession”: Drug possession can sometimes present an ambiguous context of which parties are liable for the controlled substance. Just because an individual was near the substance, it does not mean it was in his/her “possession.” In some examples, we can argue that the illegal substances may have been in possession of another party.

In addition to these strategies, our criminal defense team applies other courtroom strategies to help our clients avoid a criminal indictment. So, do not hesitate to contact our Law Firm for further information concerning the defense of drug possession indictment.