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Us extradition lawyer

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Extradition is the procedure, within international criminal law, whereby a person prosecuted or convicted of a crime, in accordance with the law of a State, is detained in another State and delivered by the latter to the requesting State to be prosecuted or in his case, serving a penalty already imposed.

Unless expressly waived, the principle of specialty governs, which means that the extradited person cannot be judged by the requesting State except for those facts that led to the extradition.

Extraditions are made based on international treaties - generally bilateral - and, failing that, on the principle of reciprocity.

The requested person will often be detained and sent to provisional detention until delivery to foreign authorities. Therefore, the lawyer plays a very important role in the extradition procedure, performing as many legal-procedural actions as necessary to defend the client and offering complementary services to the extraditable and his family:

● Contact with embassies or other agencies to obtain information and / or help for the client and their families.

● Carrying out various procedures in the penitentiary institution: organization of visits for family members, deposit of money, presentation of instances, recovery of personal items.

● Contact with lawyers in the requesting State to obtain information on the cause and facilitate the preparation of the defense.

We offer our clients all the necessary services to achieve an impeccable defense and advice during the extradition process. Our lawyers have a high level of English, which facilitates communication with foreign citizens detained by an extradition process, as well as with their families.

As soon as a person is captured for extradition purposes, do not rush to hire a lawyer, as not all lawyers are experts in these procedures.

     As in any activity, the professional will always be specialized in a specific area. Consult with a professional who knows and understands each and every one of the steps to follow in this kind of paperwork.

      Many families and extraditables complain daily because they have hired legal professionals who are not experts in the field.

     When choosing your lawyer, verify that the appraisal of the professional fees were not based on the extraditable condition but on the activities and effort that the lawyer will have in the defense of his interests.

     For these reasons, we want to help you find the criminal expert lawyer in extraditions, who will handle your case and ensure that your process is legal and dignified, with due respect for the human rights of both the accused and their families.

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What is Amphetamine?

Amphetamine is a type of alkaloid (organic compound). It is a type/class of drugs that increase mood, energy, dopamine levels in the human brain, and suppress appetite as well. This substance is too used to enhance mental and physical performance and to focus attention. Constant use can give rise to paranoia, delusions, and even psychosis. Among the physical fallouts are heart thumps, insomnia and arrhythmia.

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Where did Amphets stem from?

Back in 1933, Smith Kline and French pharmaceutical company patented the base form of amphet that a specialist (biochemist) found while researching decongestant substances. Shortly after, the pharmaceutical company marketed amphet as “Benzedrine Inhaler”, which was passed by the US Medical Association for narcolepsy, depression, and Parkinson’s disease treatments.

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Annual sales of legal amphets shot up for the next twenty years and go on in legal and illegal forms. In next forty years, amphet sales were triggered by the marketing efforts of pharmaceutical enterprises—magazine ads for trade-name amphetamines posted smiling individuals next to the words “optimism”, “cheerfulness, and “mental alertness.”

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In WWII, more than 16 million people first found the drug during military service or work for the war effort, as reported by the National Institute of Health (NIH). Servicemen stayed awake for hours thanks to freely-available speed, and women serving in factories back home did the same thing. A great deal of individuals used drugs to walk off too. Thirty years later, pharmaceutical companies were manufacturing 80,000 kg of amphets in the United States, according to the Food and Drug Administration. This totaled up to forty-three (43) standard doses per American citizen annually.

Researches carried out reported the after-effect health and psychological effects of these drugs, including paranoia and psychosis. Yet amphets remained too popular among users, because amphets reliably take off energy and mood, and also because they effectively suppress appetite.

Present Use of Amphets

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Currently, a new use for amphetamines has dug out. Specialists and physicians have been prescribing some amphetamines, including Ritalin and Adderall, in order to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Lots of people take such drugs for “off-label” purposes, ingesting them as stimulants, study aids, and mood enhancers. Students and others use Addy (slang for Adderall) and Ritz (slang for Ritalin) to sharpen cognitive skills and avoid fatigue. These two drugs, however, are classed as Schedule-II Amphetamines. Their prescribed use is legal only, even though a healthy black market for both substances is in full flower.


Even though the government started enacting ever-stricter drug laws in the 70s, it gave to put the squeeze on pharmaceutical companies and recorded the most popular forms of amphets in the least-strictly controlled ranking of controlled substances (Schedule-III), meanwhile cocaine, marijuana, and psilocybin were listed in the highest schedule.

The predecessor to the Drug Enforcement Agency used its power to move amphetamines to Schedule II, limiting their use to non-refillable, prescription-only.

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Nowadays, amphetamines are considered as a controlled substance under federal and state law.

An indictment for simple amphetamine possession requires that the prosecution prove that the accused had the substance in his/her possession with no prescription, and that the substance belonged to the accused. A showing of amphetamine possession does not require that the accused person had the substance on his/her possession. Whether the accused the indictee had control over the substance (it is known as “constructive possession”) even though it was not physically on his/her person that will support an indictment.

For further information about “constructive possession,” please see the following section: "What is "Possession"? in Heroin Possession: Indictments, Sentences and Defense.


Certain defenses are available to an individual indicted for simple possession of amphetamines. Here are a couple of them.

The use of prescription

Even though amphetamine is considered as a controlled substance, it may be legally possessed by a person who holds a valid prescription. Under federal law, however, the prescription may not be renewed automatically.

Lack of “possession”

As debated above, possession may be either actual possession or “constructive” possession.

Where an individual is put under arrest for the presence of a controlled substance in a shared space, the state or country must prove that the individual apprehended was the one in possession of the substance. Where the country or state cannot prove that the indictee had the power and intent to control the substance, the accused should be discharge.

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How is Amphetamine Possession crime sentenced?

According to the federal law, a first crime of simple possession of amphetamine is generally treated as a misdemeanor and an individual indicted for such an offense deals with a potential punishment of up to one year in jail, a fine of at least $1,000, or both. Following indictments for simple possession will subject a person to greater potential imprisonment time and fines. Amphetamine possession laws change but most treat a first crime as a misdemeanor with a maximum one-year prison term.

A court ruling an individual indicted for methamphetamine possession may also order the individual to attend a diversionary program to treat substance abuse/addiction.

Contact a criminal defense attorney

Whether you have been indicted for amphetamine possession or have some questions to ask about this offense, please do not hesitate to contact a well-experienced, skilled and highly-reliable criminal defense attorney. Sentenced for even a misdemeanor drug possession offense can follow you and restrict your ability to work in certain jobs, such as those closely related to medical profession.