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A cocaine possession charge is not an automatic indictment. You may be able to prevent from going to prison, fines, and any other after-effects that arise with an indictment. Depending on your case, you may be able to get a dismissal, a not-guilty verdict, or minimal sentences for an indictment. Our cocaine criminal defense attorneys and the rest of the team are ready to go to work on your situation.

We can help you be acquainted with your options for dealing with the accusations you face and develop a solid defense to support your objectives. We will protect your legal rights and guarantee the law enforcement and district attorneys do not take advantage of you. Our objective is to get the best possible result for every client, in every case. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us to schedule a consultation with our drug attorneys.

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Cocaine Possession Charges

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Under the law, possession of most drugs is a misdemeanor. Well-known as simple possession, possessing cocaine for personal use violates the Health and Safety Statute of the Penal Code.

In some situations, district attorneys will still indict simple possession of controlled substances as a felony. This is not the common route to take, however. Prosecutors might indict for cocaine possession as a felony if you have prior indictments for a major offense, including rape, murder, or any other serious crime.

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Sentences of a Cocaine Possession Charge

Possible results of an indictment for misdemeanor simple possession include the following:

-A year in county prison
-Court costs and fines
-Enrollment in a drug counseling program
-Loss of child custody
-A tarnished reputation
-A permanent criminal record
-Problems at work or even the loss of your job

Whether the country or state goes up your illegal substance/drug possession indictments to a felony, you deal with much more serious sentences. It depends on your rap sheet and many other factors, such as the location of your detention. The Penal Code introduces the chance of serving sixteen (16) months to two (2) or three (3) years behind bars as a prison sentence. This extended conviction could have serious complications for nearly every aspect of your life.

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If you tackle down a cocaine possession indictment, we may be able to assist you back away from the most serious after-effects associated with a sentence.

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Common Defenses to Cocaine Possession Indictments

Depending on the circumstances of your situation, we might decide on fighting for a total dismissal of all indictments or lesser sentences. We need to review the facts of your case and pore over the evidence the prosecution has against you before we can build a solid defense to the prosecution’s indictments.

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We use this details to put a plan in place that either enables for the dismissal of the indictments or prepares us to take your case to court with a strong argument for discharge.

Some of the more common defenses we use in any cocaine possession cases are the follows:

No knowledge of the illegal substance

Unless it occurred to you, it may seem difficult to believe that you did not have previous knowledge that you had possession of a substance. However, this happens more commonly than you might think. A friend leaves it in your vehicle, your roommate hid it in the couch in your living room, or you borrowed your pal’s jacket only for the police to find it in the pocket. It is utterly possible to possess cocaine and have no knowledge about it. Whether we can raise reasonable doubt with the magistrate and jury, this could get you a not-guilty verdict.

Law Enforcement arrested you instead of wrongdoer.

Depending on the circumstances, identifying an offender can be more difficult than it may seem. Police arrest the wrong person more often than most would believe. This occurs most commonly when police discovered the cocaine in a house with several residents or a car used by several people. In a case of mistaken identity, the police may arrest you when the offender is actually a neighbor, friend, family member, or complete stranger. We can fight this and help clear your name.

Existence of only trace amounts of Cocaine

In order to win a case, the district attorney needs to prove you had possession of a “usable” amount of cocaine. The law enforcement cannot see residue and take on the trace amounts of white powder were cocaine. Whether they put you under arrest with only trace amounts of cocaine, we may have a good reason for dismissing your case.

Mistakes or Misconduct by the Police

Sometimes the law enforcement officers make some mistakes or act inappropriately. If they make a mistake or take any inappropriate action that violates your civil rights at any time in the process, we can call for the court to throw out your case or exclude certain evidence.

Illegal search and seizure is the most common way this happens. The law enforcement cannot search your home or vehicle without either your permission or a search warrant. If they do so, we will discuss they cannot use any evidence they gathered against you in court.

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Contact our cocaine criminal defense attorneys to help you out

If you deal with cocaine possession indictments, a strong legal defense can help you struggle against indictments you tackle down. Our skilled and highly-reliable criminal defense attorneys can call for the court to dismiss your case, fight for a release in court, or work to reduce the sentences you are facing up to if condemned. Our major goal is always the best possible result for every client. Contact us as soon as possible to get started.