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Even though a lot of individuals accept that “drug trafficking” is synonymous with “illegal drug trade/dealing,” the law applies a broader net. Yet state laws on drug trafficking are distinguished significantly from all nations state laws that punish illegal drug dealing activity.

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You can be utterly convicted of drug trafficking whether you produce, manufacture, transport, sell or distribute illegal drugs.

Drug trafficking, however, is also an offense of weight and measurement. If you are arrested with a specified amount of any illegal drug you can be indicted for drug trafficking. This is true even if you did not produce, manufacture, buy, sell, or transport such drugs. If you have illegal substances in your possession and the amount you have exceeds the legally authorized trafficking amount, you can be found guilty of drug trafficking.

-Possession and intent. In order to be indicted for illegal drug dealing a distrcit attorney (DA) must prove and show that you possessed the required amount of illegal drugs and that your possession was intentional. It means, for instance, that you cannot be indicted for drug possession if you rent a car in which you later notice a kilo of illegal substance (cocaine) stashed away in the dashboard. Wittingly drug possession is enough to be indicted for illegal drug dealing, but that does not mean a DA has to show your state of mind, or mens rea, at the time of possession. Whether the circumstances prove that you had drugs in your personal possession or control over where the drugs were, you can be found guilty of drug trafficking crime.
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-Amount. Illegal drug dealing or drug trafficking laws depend upon the amount of drugs you have in your possession, yet the specific amount is distinguished from the type of drug. For instance, some laws may set forth marijuana smuggling/trafficking as possessing 20 pounds or more of marijuana or 300 pounds or more of marijuana plants. The same state, on the other hand, could define cocaine trafficking as possessing 28 grams or more of cocaine. Anytime you possess an amount of illegal drugs over the trafficking limit you can be indicted for drug trafficking.
-Sale, manufacture, or movement. Illegal drug dealing indictments do not depend on whether you manufactured the drugs, sold them, tried to sell them, or even moved them. Afresh, the key question in a trafficking indictment is if you had the illegal drug in your possession and whether the amount of this drug exceeds the limit officially set up by the law.
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-Federal drug trafficking. While each state has its own statutes and ordinances concerning illegal drug dealing, the federal government also indicts for drug trafficking crimes. Federal drug trafficking indictments can emerge whenever any illegal trafficking activity crosses state lines or involves any activity in over one country/state.

Drug Trafficking Sentences

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Drug trafficking arraignments are not laughing matters, and anyone indicted for these offenses can find themselves dealing with years or decades behind bars. Yet the severity of the sentences associated with a drug trafficking sentences varies widely by state, all states impose significant sentences for drug trafficking or illegal drug dealing/trade.

-Jail time. Drug trafficking sentences, even for first-time wrondoers, typically result in jail convictions that last more than a year. Bein indicted for trafficking can easily result in jail sentence of 10 years or more, even though certain states have significantly higher sentences than others. Life convictions are also possible for drug trafficking sentences.
-Fines. The fines associated with a drug trafficking sentence are also serious. State drug trafficking sentences can commonly come with high fines (from 25,000 to 100,000, or even more). Remarks: federal drug trafficking sentences can exceed $10 million too.
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-Probation. Probation convictions are possible in some drug trafficking cases, but typically only as part of a plea bargain where the defendant agrees to plea guilty to a less serious indictment. Individuals condemened to trial period (probation) have to meet particular conditions ruled by the court, such as being monitored by a probation officer, submitting to random drug testing, not leaving the state with no probation officer s authorization, and not breaching more laws. Probation convictions usually last at least 12 months, and charges of three years or more are possible too.
-Mandatory minimum accusations. Illegal druf trade/dealing laws often impose mandatory minimum accusations. It means that an individual indicted must serve a particular amount of time in jail and cannot be released on parole until prison time has passed. Whether, for instance, you are condemened to ten (10) years behind bars for drug trafficking or illegal drug dealing and your state has a three-year mandatory minimum, you cannot be paroled before you finish serving at least three (3) years locked up.

Drug Trafficking Criminal Defense Attorney

Drug trafficking offenses are some of the more serious criminal indictments you can deal with in any state or country. Due to drug charges often come with steep sentences and mandatory penalties, being indicted for these offenses will permanently change the course of your life. You really need to contact a drug trafficking criminal defense attorney as soon as possible after being accused of a drug trafficking crime, or even whether you are questioned by the law enforcement.

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A skilled, well-experienced and highly-reliable criminal defense attorney will know how to evaluate the facts of your case, how both state and federal drug laws apply to those facts, and provide you with advice about your options and what you should do. You should never make any decisions about your case or talk to the law enforcement about your case till you have previously contacted a criminal defense attorney.