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It is critical that you get in touch with a well-experienced, highly-reliable and trusted drug crime defense attorney so as to protect your interests if you have been indicted for a drug-related crime. This offense can be charged as VCSA or Violation of Controlled Substances Act. Most illegal substance cases do not need to be indicted in front of the Jury, but can be accused by the District Attorney’s Office by simply filing a charging document.

Our criminal defense attorneys have defended hundreds of drug-related crime cases and are experienced and aggressive who will fight for your legal rights.

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Drug crime attorneys who have vast experience in all of the following indictments

-Drug possession
-Drug Trafficking
-Drug Distribution and Sales
-Methamphetamine (meth) Manufacturing
-Possession Ecstacy
-Ecstacy Trafficking
-Drugs not in their original container
-Obtaining Dangerous Drugs by Fraud
-Prescription drug criminal activity including fraud
-DUI Defense

Legal assistance with all illegal substances, including marijuana, cocaine, crack, heroin, ecstasy, meth, and many others, in all cases, evidence is all-important. More critical though is how the evidence was obtained.

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Our drug defense attorneys are well-experienced in all areas of search and seizure law as applied by the Constitution. They move rapidly forward with confidence capitalizing on these mistakes that often can be used to get a dismissal or reduction of indictments.

Having a drug-related offense indictment does not mean that you do not have choices. Do not let your drug-related crime charge go unaddressed. Paying no attention to the situation will not make it go away.

Hinging upon the situation, with no good legal representation by a drug crime defense attorney you may be dealing with a fine or more severe sentences such as short-term or long-term jail penalties. According to the Criminal Code; imprisonment for some simple possession indictments could be anywhere from two (2) to fifteen (15) years in jail for the first offense. It could be five (5) to thirty (30) years for second drug crime.

For this reason, our well-experienced, reliable and top-rated criminal defense attorneys will sweat their guts out to protect and defend your rights. Do not take chances with your future. Contact a well-experienced and highly-reliable drug crime defense attorney with proven track record. Call right now for a free initial DUI and drug crime attorney consultation.

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Drug Possession Defense Attorney

If you or a loved one has been indicted for drug possession, then you need a skilled drug crime defense attorney to represent you. Our criminal defense attorneys are ready to represent you. With their vast experience and skills, they will provide you with counseling and guidance that will help you to make the best decisions regarding your particular drug possession case. He/she will make sure that you understand your possibilities and help you make the best decisions so that you can get your life back on track.

Dealing with a criminal drug-related crime can be too stressful. But, tackling down drug possession indictments can be even more stressful if you do not have proper criminal defense attorney representation. Drug possession indictments can impact the rest of your life. Not only could the negative effect of imprisonment, but it also puts your reputation on the line. Drug possession accusations can give rise to a number of misconceptions about you and your family, your integrity and your trustworthiness.

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Our criminal defense attorneys are well-experienced. They will use their experience and skills to provide a defensive strategy to help you get the best outcomes possible. They will work with you to devise a plan that will provide the best defense for you and your family and create a plan of action that will suit your specific drug possession indictment. Our attorneys will fight for your rights and help you make the decisions that will best represent you and your family’s best interests.

If you are amid a situation where you are being indicted for drug possession charge, do not hesitate to get in touch with a criminal defense attorney representation that you need.

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Drug Sentences

If you have been indicted for a drug crime, you could be dealing with some severe sentences. It is critical that you immediately get in touch with a reliable and skilled drug crime defense attorney to build a strong defense in your favor. Our drug crime attorneys have years of courtroom experience and will diligently defend your rights.

Examples of too severe sentences for a drug-related crime conviction:

A “drug possession with the intent to sell” charge would crop up if you were found in possession of a large quantity of a controlled substance. Even if you had no intention of distributing or selling such a substance, often times indictments include with intent to sell. A conviction for possession with intent to sell carries very harsh sentences.

It is illegal to willfully and consciously possess a controlled substance. In some instances it is illegal to possess products or substances used to cultivate or manufacture drugs. The quantity of illegal substances found on the person at the time of detention will dictate the actual indictment. For instance, if found with a small amount of drugs an indictment of Simple possession may apply, whereas if there is the belief the drugs were to be distributed or sold a drug possession with intent to sell charge may apply.

Drug distribution happens as a drug manufacturer passes narcotics on to a wholesaler or retailer who then sells drugs to others. The sentences for drug distribution conviction are quite severe.

Drug trafficking is not limited to transportation of narcotics into the country, but can also apply to nationwide and state to state. The mode of transportation can be ships, planes, trains, and automobiles. Our attorneys will work hard to protect and defend your rights. Do not take chances with your future. Contract an aggressive Atlanta drug crime attorney with a proven track record.