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Criminal attorneys can aid you with your drug possession indictments

Drug possession attorneys see more criminal cases involving a drug-related charge than almost any other criminal crime. In times of economic situations, numerous individuals turn to drugs and alcohol as an avenue of facing the stress of job loss and financial insecurity.

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Our skilled and trusted drug defense attorneys are not only well-equipped to provide you with legal defense through your controlled substance possession case, but you will also find they are also willing to pay attention to what you are going through with no judgment or recrimination. The major decision to use illegal substances is a poor decision, but it is a mistake that is too hard to pull yourself out of once you have begun using drugs. Our criminal defense attorneys do understand that we all make mistakes, we all have our own struggles, and they are available to aid clients in a way that is not judgmental, and is geared to not just helping their clients avoid conviction, but to also help them move toward recovery and rebuilding their own lives.

Drug Laws

Drug possession laws make it an offense to knowingly own illegal substances including marijuana, methamphetamine (meth), cocaine, LSD, as well as heroin. The laws also criminalize possession of “precursor chemicals” that are used in manufacturing.

Requirements to prove drug possession

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Illegal substance possession violates the laws, and prosecuting attorneys are mandated to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the indictee knew that the illegal substance was a controlled substance, as well as having had control over the drug.

Criminal defense attorneys usually agree that laws concerning possession fall into one of two major categories:

1. Simple possession, for personal use, and

2. Possession with intent to distribute (PWID).

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Sentences for drug possession and distribution

People indicted for charges of controlled substance possession are looking at a wide range of sentences during the sentencing phase of their hearing trial. Sentences for simple possession vary from a fine of less than $100 and possibly a few days in prison to hundreds of thousands of dollars and years in jail. Simple drug possession penalty carries the lightest sentence, while PWID or the manufacturing brings heavier sentences. Prosecuting attorneys often offer plea bargains to indictees who may be able to assist in a higher-priority probe, maybe giving rise to the detention of an organized crime leader.

All convictions for distribution of controlled substances are classified as felonies. The convictions vary from fifth-degree, punishable by 1 to 2.5 years in jail for a first-time offender to first-degree, liable to a minimum of 8 to 20 years in prison.

Second offenders are looking at 12 to 20 years in jail, and major drug traffickers are looking at a maximum term of life imprisonment.

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Fines imposed usually vary from a minimum of $5,000 to $100,000 for people indicted for either first-degree sale or operating as an important drug dealer.

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Drug Crimes Defenses

Possible cases that can be used by a skilled and reliable criminal defense attorney include:

1. Lack of intent

2. Lack of knowledge

3. Possession for personal use

4. Entrapment

5. Infancy (only for people under 16 years of age)

Drug Crime Penalties

An indictee convicted on a class A1 felony, control of eight or more ounces of illegal substances containing a narcotic drug or 5,760 of methadone is dealing with the possibility of 8 to 20 years in jail and a maximum sentence of $100,000.

Penalties of class B to E felonies range from sentences with a minimum of one (1) year to nine (9) years and fines varying from $15,00 to $50,000 involving B and C level offense.

Illegal possession of marijuana is a violation and may be sentenced to prison of no more than fifteen (15) days or a fine less than $250.00.

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Criminal Sale of controlled substance indictments are measured in four steps depending on the kind of the illegal substance, site it was revealed, the quantity it is discovered in and the quantity of times the defendant has been charged, sentenced and disciplined for violation of laws under the same article).

Selling of:

-tranquillizer preparation
-sedatives (and its variations)
-stimulant and lysergic

Drug Trafficking

Ever since individuals used illegal substances, there has been drug trafficking. Drug smugglers have went on increasing their creativity in trying to outwit the police. Law enforcement, meanwhile, have to try to keep ahead. Billions of money are spent as a result of an attempt to fight drug trafficking, and smugglers get brainier.

What Can a Drug Charges Defense Attorney Do For You?

Over many years of defending individuals, we have been dealing with cases of many people indicted for narcotics charges and/or drug-related crimes and have come to understand that good individuals fall into bad times and then bad situations. Sometimes individuals breach the law since they wanted to give a better life to their families. When you are a defense attorney you hear such stories. You start understanding the forces that shape a person’s decision making, and you better understand why and how anyone could end up in the backseat of a prowl car, and you want to help.

If you are looking at cocaine indictments or heroin possession that also as related indictments of “intent to distribute” or possibly other related crimes that elevate your drug offenses to the level of federal rather than local attention you need to contact a skilled and reliable drug trafficking criminal defense attorney. Courts are sometimes willing to overlook a controlled substance possession – even cocaine indictments whether the quantities imply a “personal use” and whether it is your first crime. If your case involves not only a simple possession indictment but also with intent to distribute the courts are looking to put you behind bars for a long time. Your drug crimes defense attorneys will need to mount an aggressive offense or representation to suppress evidence.

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Those people who have been arrested with large amounts of drugs are seen automatically as evildoers, as opposed to those, who have personal use levels. These people need an emotional marijuana defense or for their drug crime defense attorney to suggest rehab or other in-patient program that will satisfy the courts that the individual is taking the controlled substance possession indictment seriously.

Experienced Drug Crime Defense Attorneys at Your Side All the Way!

Our drug crimes defense attorneys are there for you when you have been arrested on drug-related charges. We will aggressively represent you throughout all stages of the criminal process. We carry out thorough probes of your case even before it gets to “pre-trial” stages. We are there through:

-All pre-Trial Motions and Hearings
-Trial, and

Crimes such as those involving drug trafficking have high sentencing rates. Without a reliable, top-rated and skilled drug defense attorney on your side you could very well be looking at a great deal of prison time for your drug-related crime. When you are seeking out attorneys for drug-related charges, look to us!