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Every day there are hundreds of people who are indicted for drug-related crimes. Drug crimes encompass a wide-range of crimes from drug paraphernalia possession to the illegal possession of substances/chemicals to drug trafficking.

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Most drug crimes are sentenced as felonies or serious crimes. A drug crime conviction not only leads to extensive jail time and expensive fines, but can also have a profound negative impact on other areas of your life.

If you are dealing with drug indictments, it is critical that you immediately contact a skilled, well-experienced and highly-reliable drug defense attorney. The longer you wait, the tougher your path could be. For instance, whether police has asked you questions but has not yet put you under arrest or formally indicted you for anything, we may be able to prevent you from ever being indicted. Drug indictments are too complex, both at the state or federal level, and determining what evidence the accusation has against you will help us defend you best. We have a proven record of lessening sentences and indictments. If you have any question to ask and would like answers in a free legal consultation, please call our well-experienced drug criminal defense attorneys today.

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We can help you out with all following drug-related indictments:

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-Drug Possession & Possession of Controlled Substances – Possession of drugs or controlled substances is a common drug indictment, but that does not mean it comes with no severe sentences. Under Revised, this encompasses prescription medications, medications with no prescriptions, illegal drugs under DEA and federal classifications, natural substances, and chemicals.
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-Marijuana Possession – Even though marijuana possession is not typically classed as serious of an indictment as other possession charges, it is still a serious drug offense that can be charged as either be a misdemeanor or felony, depending how the amount you have on your person. There are lots of nuances to possession indictments – constructive possession, your constitutional rights, physical evidence, and much more.
-Felony Drug Possession – For Schedule-I and II substances, you can be indicted for felony possession even if you are not in possession of the full bulk (10 g) amount. The degree of the felony indictment depends on specific amounts. For Schedule III, IV, and V substances, you can be indicted for felony possession if you are found to be in possession of at least the bulk amount.
-Possession with the Intent to Sell / Distribute (PWIS/D) – Whether the police believes and has evidence you were in possession of a controlled substance and had intended to sell or distribute the illegal substance, you can be indicted for PWID. Typically the police ascertain “intent to distribute” as larger than normal amounts of an illegal substance (larger than normal personal use). However, it can be a complicated indictment since quantities do not always equate to intent to sell. Having a well-experienced, skilled and trusted criminal defense attorney defend your rights in these cases is all-important, especially because the sentences for PWIS/D are far greater than simple possession.
- Marijuana Trafficking – Offering to sell, ship, transport, or deliver marijuana is utterly illegal, plus its intended use. However, the prosecution must prove that you consciously possessed marijuana with the intention to sell for you to be convicted. Due to the evidence in drug-related cases, there may be avenues to lessen the sentences you deal with if you are indicted for this crime.
-Drug Manufacturing – Under law, drug manufacturing is a larger crime that encompasses some events such as growing marijuana, cooking meth, and much more. The sentences are steep for this felony crime, and you tackle down years behind bars, thousands of dollars of fines, and long-term consequences. Plus, drug charges may give rise to driver’s license suspension, which will impact your day-to-day life.
-Drug Trafficking – Similar to marijuana trafficking, distributing or transporting illegal substances across a country is utterly banned. The degree of drug trafficking indictment depends on the quantity of illegal substances involved. A skille, top-rated, highly-reliable, well-experienced and trusted drug attroney can review the evidence against you and start building a defense as soon as possible.
-Possession of Prescription Drugs – You can be indicted for possession of prescription drugs if you are found to have prescription drugs on your person with no valid prescription from an authorized medical professional. You can also be indicted whether the quantity of prescription drugs is in excess of what was originally prescribed to you. Because of the nature of this indictment, authorized medical professionals in good standing are typically exempt from this indictment unless the police has evidence to the contrary.
-Illegal Possession of Chemicals – Our country has revised its drug laws to specifically address illegal possession of chemicals, and it was originally intended to halt the manufacturing of methamphetamine (meth). Being in possession of more than is legally specified of certain precursor chemicals can raise a red flag to the police, and you may be probed for purchases of precursor chemicals.
-Illegal Marijuana Cultivation & Growing – Growing marijuana falls under the same statute as drug manufacturing. Marijuana is classed as a Schedule I drug, which means that the State perceives it as a drug with a high risk of additional dependency while still holding some medical value. Cultivating weed can be a minor misdemeanor up to a felony indictment, depending on the quantity you are found to be growing.
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-Drug Paraphernalia Possession – You do not have to be in possession of drugs themselves to be indicted for drug paraphernalia possession, though frequently they are indicted simultaneously. Items considered to be paraphernalia include bongs, syringes, scales, measuring instruments, certain types of containers, and much more.

Dealing with drug charges? Contact us.

A drug indictment can throw your whole life out of order, and a punishment could dramatically shape the rest of your life. Whether it is your first experience with the legal system, you are likely wondering what will go on with you. If you have dealt with criminal indictments in the past, you know that the right defense makes all the difference.