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If you are indicted for drug possession (cocaine or crack), contact a skilled, excellent criminal defense attorney who can get you a great case outcome. At our Law Firm, we know how damaging a drug offense conviction could be, and we want to pursue the most favorable outcome to guarantee your quality of life is enhanced, not harmed. Even if you are being probed for drug indictments or someone you know has just been put under arrest for cocaine or crack possession, please contact a criminal defense attorney a.s.a.p. You will need a well-experienced and highly reliable attorney to help you through your criminal defense proceedings.

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Using cocaine or "coke" in any form stimulates the nervous system, and brings about a longer attention span, increased alertness, and enhanced motor skills. Such stimulations have negative effects, however, and addiction can easily develop leading to a need for stronger doses of drug. It is critical to treat individuals fighting cocaine addiction, and keep them from filling jails.

Our Law Firm will fight to help individuals indicted for cocaine possession pursue the most beneficial outcome. We can explore sentencing choices aimed at treating rather than punishing, or prove a client´s innocence and attain a dismissal or court victory. Our criminal defense attorneys will do everything necessary to get the best case result.

Convictions for Cocaine or Crack Possession

Even though cocaine use is a misdemeanor resulting in a max prison sentence of one year and possible fine of $2,000, cocaine possession is a felony with serious criminal convictions. Varying sentences by amount possessed according to the Penal Code are as follows:

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-Cocaine possession (under 50g) (felony): Prison term up to 4 years and a possible fine of up to $25,000.
-Cocaine possession (between 50g and 450g) (felony): Prison term of up to 20 years and fines of as much as $250,000.
-Cocaine possession (between 450g and 1kg) (felony): Prison term of up to 30 years and a fine of up to $500,000.
-Cocaine possession (over 1kg) (felony): Potential life imprisonment and a fine of up to $1,000,000.

Possession of any amount of cocaine is an exceptionally serious indictment requiring effective criminal defense representation. So, do not hesitate to contact our Law Firm as soon as possible. Contacting a criminal defense lawyer always works to your benefit, no matter what stage of the criminal process your case is involved in.

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Indicted for Crack or Cocaine Possession

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If you have been indicted for possession, or someone you love has just been put under arrest on possession indictments, do not speak to the law enforcement officer before calling a criminal defense lawyer. It is best to get legal representation before indictments are filed, but it is never too late to defend the indictments against you. We want to gain as much leverage as possible in your drug-related crime case, and stop prosecuting attorneys from gaining unfair advantages.

The law enforcement officers and detectives know how to make you talk before gaining proper legal representation, and the overwhelming strategies used may end up hurting your case outcome. It is essential to your future to allow a skilled criminal defense lawyer to speak on your behalf to avoid self-incrimination. Our Law Firm understands how to win cocaine and crack possession cases, and our legal team is well-experienced in facing police strategies in drug-related crimes.

Our mission is to keep our clients out of jail, and will aggressively defend you in your cocaine possession case. Prosecutors may allow first-time possession offenders to avoid prison and opt for probation whether an influential lawyer is representing the defendant. Whether a conviction is necessary, we can help you reach a plea agreement to lessen the severity of indictments against you. Our criminal defense lawyers have vast experience in drug courts, and can earn you an outcome focused on rehabilitation rather than criminal sentence. Whatever outcome is best for you in your cocaine or crack possession case, our legal team of attorneys knows exactly how to help you achieve your goal.

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If you are indicted for a drug offense, additional sentences such as driver s license suspension may also apply. Our criminal defense lawyers will look at every possible way to get you a great result, and will dedicate ample time to probing the details of your crack possession case. Our attorneys know how to win drug-related crimes, and our team will efficiently handle your cocaine possession indictment. You need an attorney who understands the details of your crack possession case, and can help you to understand the legal issues affecting your future so as to help you make informed legal decisions.

Our criminal defense lawyers have been successfully defending indictments for cocaine and crack possession for over a decade, and our Law Firm s commitment to practicing only criminal defense provides us with an edge in drug crime defense cases. Our proven outcomes prove our mastery of defense strategies and proficiency in courts. We will work with you to discover the best possible result, and will not rest until that result is reached.

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Our well-experienced case analysts are standing by 24/7 so as to speak with you. Call us from anywhere to discuss your case and to hear more about the advantage our law firm offers. If you or someone you know is indicted for crack possession, do not let prosecuting attorneys force a prison sentence upon you. An aggressive criminal defense attorney will uphold your rights in your case, and our high-quality defense services will earn you a great outcome.