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Cocaine indictments are extremely serious under the law, such that all possession, sale, trafficking, and other crimes involving cocaine are always sentences as major offenses. As such, you will be dealing with imprisonment for any type of cocaine or crack cocaine related offense. You can expect the law enforcement and district attorneys to be relentless in pursuing indictments against you at every stage of the criminal process. Your best defense strategy is to contact a well-experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible, so your rights will be protected from the outset.

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Even though the conviction for several cocaine crimes may seem harsh, there are many ways to potentially fight the indictments. Our Law Firm can assist with your defense. Our years of experience representing clients is supported by a track record of success because of our limitless knowledge of cocaine laws.

Cocaine Laws

The Controlled Substances Act has all of the relevant laws regarding cocaine indictments. Cocaine is listed as a schedule-II drug on the Schedule of Controlled Substances, which means that:

-It bears a high potential for abuse-There is an accepted use within the medical community, but only with severe restrictions-Abuse of cocaine may lead to important physical and/or psychological dependence

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Cocaine indictments are always classed as major offenses. The exact level of your crime depends on the amount of drug and/or your allegedly conduct with it.

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Cocaine Possession (Class-I Felony)

You can be detained for simple possession if you have any amount of cocaine on your person. The crime is a class-I felony, so long as the amount in your possession is under 28 g. This would result in between three (3) and twelve (12) months in jail.

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Cocaine Sale (Class-G Felony)

A punishment for cocaine sale would result in a class-G felony and between eight (8) and thirty-one (31) months in jail.

Cocaine Delivery (Class-H Felony)

Actual cocaine delivery would be a class-H felony, which is punishable by four (4) to twenty-five (25) months in jail.

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Possession with Intent to Sell or Deliver Cocaine (PWISD) (Class-H Felony)

PWISD may be indicted if you are arrested for cocaine possession packaged in a way showing you intend to sell the drug, possess a large quantity, or with paraphernalia around you that shows you were intending on selling or distributing the drug. This is a class-H felony, punishable by four (4) to twenty-five (25) months in jail.

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Cocaine Trafficking

Indictments related to cocaine trafficking are based solely on the weight of the illegal substance you have in your possession. Depending on the individual’s actions, it is common for multiple trafficking indictments to be filed for the same quantity of drugs. For instance, if you sold a trafficking amount of cocaine and brought it to the buyer (cocaine user), you could deal with three (3) different trafficking indictments for cocaine possession, cocaine transport by driving it all way down the street, and the cocaine sale. As you can see below, the amount of time you would tackle down in jail amounts quickly if you deal with separate trafficking indictments.

Three (3) separate levels of cocaine trafficking:

-Level 1 – It deals with cocaine trafficking (28 g - 200 g). This is a Class-G major offense and can result in a mandatory active punishment (35 - 51 months in jail and a fine of not less than $50,000).-Level 2 – It deals with cocaine trafficking (200g - 400 g). This is a Class-F major offense and can result in a mandatory active punishment (70 - 93 months in jail and a fine of at least $100,000).-Level 3 – It deals with cocaine trafficking (over 400 g). This is a class-D major offense and can result in a mandatory active punishment (175 - 222 months in jail and a fine of at least $250,000).


If you are dealing with indictments for any of the aforementioned crimes, a well-experienced and skilled cocaine criminal defense attorney can detail your indictments, possible defenses (if any), and possible sentencing and fine the court could impose upon you. Your prison time for a cocaine-related crime, however, is just the beginning. There are multiple side after-effects that harm your life, including:

-To lose your presnet work, especially if you have a professional license that can be reversed for a felony indictment.-Your future job openings may be limited.-Your rap sheet will be reviewed as you apply for college, seek financial aid, request a loan, deal with child custody issues, among others.-criminal attorney Drug dealing Common assault Cyberterrorism Money Laundering Drug Crime Drug Traffickers Sexual Assault Drug Dealer Inheritance Law Bribery Crimes criminal lawyer Family Law Drug Crime Money Laundering Drug Law criminal defense lawyer Drug trafficking criminal defense lawyer Drug Pusher Drug Pusher Cyberextortion International Drug International Drug Real Estate Real Estate Hacking Crimes Drug Traffickers International Drug Drug Dealer Drug Law Manslaughter Cyberterrorism Family Law Cyberattack Drug Crime Drug smuggling Drug trafficking Assassination Criminal Law Drug Law Divorce Law Bribery Crimes Drug dealing Hacking Crimes Drug Pusher Drug Peddler Cyberterrorism International Drug Child Abuse Drug Dealer Divorce Law Drug dealing Real Estate Cyberwarfare Car Accident Drug Traffickers Drug Dealer Armed Robbery Drug Law Criminal Defense Drug Traffickers Family Law Car Accident Driving offences Car Accident Internet Scams Identity Theft Credit Card Fraud

Advantages of Contacting a Drug Criminal Defense Attorney

Whether you are tackling down cocaine indictments, it is critical to remind you that a detention does not mean you will be sentenced. The police needs probable cause to indict you, but a prosecuting attorney must prove that you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. This is a high standard, and a cocaine criminal defense attorney can expose weaknesses in the pleading against you.

Besides, you may have defenses when it comes time to present your own evidence. The two major defenses for cocaine possession, sale and/or delivery, PWISD, and trafficking indictments involve the weight of the illegal substance and search tactics used by the law enforcement. For example, you could have a cocaine trafficking indictment reduced to a felony possession indictment if you show the amount of drug was less than 28 g. In addition, your criminal defense attorney may be able to have evidence tossed out of court if the police breached your constitutional rights involving an unlawful search and seizure. With no evidence, the prosecution cannot prove cocaine selling or possession crimes.