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Prosecutors take drug possession indictments seriously, and if they can turn a possession charge into possession with intent (PWI), the criminal sentences become even more serious. If you suspect that you may be under investigation for a drug or crack related offense, do not wait to get in touch with a criminal defense lawyer. If you wait to obtain excellent legal representation, your outcome may be compromised. Our Law Firm will be focused on the results you want and will work to guarantee you stay out of prison. Even if you are indicted for drug, crack paraphernalia possession with the intent to sell or deliver, you need the best criminal defense representation.

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Lawyer defending the defendant of felony Cocaine Possession with Intent (PWI)

Possession indictments carry harsh sentences, including possible prison time and fines, but the law enforcement will attempt to amplify the indictments and put you in prison for as long as possible. You will want a skilled and highly-reliable attorney to guide you through your drug offense case and help you understand the legal options available to you. Do not risk your drug crime case result by settling for a second-rate criminal defense group, call us now.

Cocaine PWID criminal defense attorney

In any country, cocaine is considered as a Schedule-2 illegal drug. The popular party drug accounts for a large number of drug offenses every year, as an estimated 6 million people or more use drug annually. Cocaine possession with intent to deliver is not an uncommon offense, and our Law Firm is familiar with the tactics deeply involved in beating crack and cocaine possession indictments.

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The cocaine market is quite large, and there are dangerous cocaine distributors who prosecuting attorneys are trying to catch. This desire for justice can cloud drug offense decisions, however, and many individuals are wrongly indicted for possession with intent, or given too harsh of a conviction for the offense committed. Our criminal defense lawyers work to guarantee every single detail of your drug offense case is exposed to make sure you get the most beneficial outcome possible.

We can explore sentencing choices that will be focused on rehab instead of sentencing, or attain a suspended conviction to keep you out of prison. If you are innocent of drug possession with intent to sell or deliver, our criminal defense lawyers will make sure you attain a case dismissal or court victory. Whatever outcome you want in your drug possession with intent to deliver case, our legal team will fight for you and your freedom.

Sentences for Cocaine Possession With Intent to Sell or Deliver

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Cocaine, crack, or any mixture of either substance possession with the intent to sell or deliver is a felony offense. If you are indicted for possession with intent to sell or deliver, criminal sentences are as follows:

-Under 50g of cocaine (felony): Possible 20 year prison sentence and $25,000 fine.
-50g - 450g of cocaine (felony): Potential 20 year prison sentence and $250,000 fine.
-450g - 1kg of cocaine (felony): Potential 30 year prison sentence and $500,000 fine.
-Over 1kg of cocaine (felony): Possible lifetime encarceration and a fine of up to one million dollars.

These extremely serious criminal sentences will be life-changing if you do not work to defend yourself against a harsh case result. Get solid representation with a criminal defense lawyer at a premier Law Firm and guarantee your positive outcome.

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Approach to Cocaine Possession With Intent Cases

Our skilled team of defense attorneys is dedicated to every case we take, and will commit ample time towards getting a great outcome for you. If you have been indicted for cocaine possession with intent, or are under investigation for a drug offense, let us speak to the law enforcement on your behalf and help you avoid incriminating yourself. We know the stress a criminal probe can have on you and will put your mind at ease with our efficient criminal defense tactics.

Law enforcement and prosecuting attorneys will actively fight to put you in jail, and your polite refusal to speak with officers before getting an attorney from our Law Firm will always help your case. Aggressive investigative tactics can force you to say exactly what a prosecuting attorney needs to hear to sentence you, and waiting to get the services of a criminal lawyer could be extremely detrimental to your future.

We will probe the details of your case and expose everything that could possibly help you in your drug possession with intent case. Our criminal defense firm knows what judges and juries need to see so as to award you your freedom, and we will complete a thorough analysis of your case to be utterly sure no aspect is missed. You need a criminal defense attorney who will defend your rights and freedom, and we will provide you with unrivaled dedication to your case and unmatched criminal defense outcomes.

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Proven Expertise in Drug Possession with Intent Cases

We have been working with thousands of clients over many years and have mastered criminal defense. We will use our criminal defense strategies to get you a great case outcome, as is evident in looking at what we have done for past clients. Our testimonials have proven our pledge to understand our client’s unique circumstances, and looking at our proven outcomes you can be confident that we will provide an unparalleled result in your drug offense case.

Our Law Firm is prepared to start working on your case immediately and add your outcome to our constantly expanding list of successes.

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Call our for Drug Possession with Intent Defense Criminal Defense Attorneys

If you or someone you know has been probed or indicted for drug possession with the intent to sell or deliver, call us a.s.a.p. Our well-experienced case analysts are ready to review your case and find possible legal actions with you at no cost.

If you would like a drug possession with intent consultation with our criminal defense lawyers, contact us now. We will defend clients indicted for drug possession with intent to sell or deliver at any stage of the criminal process. Our criminal defense attorneys are well-experienced in courts, and will explain all legal issues affecting your case so that you can make informed decisions. Start your criminal defense now with our top-quality drug possession with intent defense team.