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At our Law Office, our criminal defense lawyers proudly defend the constitutional rights of people who are dealing with drug-related offense charges. From drug possession, drug trafficking, drug manufacturing, drug cultivation, and possession of paraphernalia to illegal assembly of chemicals, our respected, reliable, top-rated and effective team of criminal defense attorneys is fully equipped to vigorously defend your rights and challenge all evidences against you. We may be able to have your indictments lessened, or even have your case dismissed.

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However, it is critical that you get in touch with us as soon as possible for help. The earlier our drug crime defense attorneys are able to get involved in your case or the investigation into your alleged events, the more strongly positioned we will be to dispute the indictments against you. The longer you wait to seek legal help and contact a criminal defense attorney, the fewer strategies will remain viable in the defense of your situation or case.

Do not wait another day to get quality legal defense that focuses on attaining the best possible result for your case.

Types of Drug Indictments our Criminal Defense Attorneys Deal With

At our Law Offices, we comprise a team of highly successful and skilled criminal defense attorneys who have years of vast experience representing indictees charged with misdemeanor drug crimes and felony drug offenses. As such, we possess an exceptional understanding of laws surrounding your case. We know exactly how to build an effective defense strategy based on compelling evidence. You can be confident that we will use and exhaust each of our resources to reach a much favorable resolution on your behalf.

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Our criminal defense law firm is equipped to deal with a wide array of drug indictments, ranging from minor crimes to extremely serious federal offenses such as accusations of drug trafficking. Types of drug-related criminal cases we handle include:

-Drug Possession/Possession of Controlled Substances (Actual Possession, Constructive Possession)
-Drug Production
-Drug Trafficking/Operating as a Drug Dealer
-Marijuana Cultivation/Growing Marijuana
- Drug Paraphernalia Possession (Bongs, Pipes, Drug Equipment)
-Possession with Intent to Distribute/Deliver (PWID)
-Prescription Fraud
-Selling Drugs to Minors

We have vast experience probing alleged offenses involving many types of drugs and controlled substances, ranging from commonly charged substances such as cocaine and marijuana (pot, weed, cannabis) to less frequently prosecuted drugs including peyote and DMT. We do understand the unique sentencing laws and drug diversion programs that apply to each drug and use our nuanced understanding of drug laws to fight for results that are favorable to our clients. Our law firm can provide legal assistance if you, your spouse, child, or a family member was indicted for an offense involving:

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Schedule I Controlled Substances

-Ecstasy Charges (MDMA)
-GHB Charges
-Heroin Charges
-LSD Charges (Acid)
-Marijuana Charges
-Peyote Charges
-Psilocybin Mushrooms Charges

Schedule II Controlled Substances

-Adderall Charges
-Cocaine Charges
-Crack Cocaine Charges
-Fentanyl Charges
-Methamphetamine Charges
-OxyContin Charges
-PCP Charges (Angel Dust)
-Vicodin Charges

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Schedule III Controlled Substances

-Ketamine Charges
-Steroids Charges

Schedule IV Controlled Substances

-Ambien Charges
-Valium Charges
-Xanax Charges
-Other Prescription Pill Charges

Schedule V Controlled Substances

-Cough Syrup Charges
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The sentences for drug indictments depend on factors like what type of drug is involved, the quantity of illegal substance involved, and the nature of the alleged crime. Some drug-related crimes are graded as misdemeanors, while others are prosecuted as high-level serious crimes carrying years or decades of jail time. Other sentences that can result from a drug-related conviction include probation, loss of your driver’s license, and creation of a rap sheet, which can cause some problems when you are applying for jobs, loans, student programs, training programs, or housing.

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Due to the extremely severe nature of drug crimes, it is critical that you take immediate action. You need to guarantee the legal representation of a highly skilled, trusted, top-rated and reliable criminal defense attorney.

Drug Criminal Defense Attorneys for Felony (serious crimes) and Misdemeanor Indictments

If you or a family member has been indicted for a drug-related crime, you really need to get in touch with our Law Firm as soon as possible for legal assistance. We bring years of vast experience to the table and would be proud to provide you with the hard-hitting and reliable defense strategies that you really require at this time. It is critical to understand that drug-related crimes are heavily probed, severely prosecuted and aggressively punished throughout our state. You really need a fierce advocate to help you navigate through the complexities of our legal system.

Please, do not try to deal with your indictments by your own. Make the smart choice – get in touch with us right now in order to request a free case consultation. We know you are going through a stressful and harsh time, that is why we are here to help you out.