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When dealt with possible drug offense judicial desicion, your future is at stake. The legal system can be confusing, and trying to fight these indictments on your end may give rise to less than desirable outcomes. So, you really need the defense of a specialists who understands the inner workings of drug-related crimes. Our criminal defense attorneys have vas experience few other attorneys have.

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They can represent clients tackling down the following types of indictments:

-criminal law: Assault Battery Divorce Law Drug Peddler Drug smuggling Drug smuggling Divorce Law Criminal Law Carding Fraud Credit Card Cloning Sexual Assault Cyberterrorism Car Accident Cyberattack Credit Card Fraud Cyberterrorism Credit Card Cloning Car Accident International Drug Drug Dealer Cyber Crimes Car Accident Criminal Defense Divorce Law ABH- actual bodily harm Drug Dealer Drug Pusher Divorce Law Bank Robbery Real Estate Drug dealing Real Estate Drug Pusher Inheritance Law Computer Crime Drug trafficking Drug Dealer International Drug Drug dealing Assassination criminal lawyer Drug offences Drug offences Computer Crime Cyberextortion Cyberwarfare Cyberterrorism International Drug Driving offences Carding Fraud Drug Peddler GBH- grievous bodily harm Drug Crime Carding Fraud Criminal Defense ABH- actual bodily harm Homicide Robbery Homicide Robbery Driving offences
-Cultivation or manufacturing

Drug Crime Attorney

While some illegal substances are much more hazardous and easily abused than others, any offense involving drugs can incur sentences that can harm an individual s life for years to come.

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Our criminal defense attorneys have been practicing criminal defense for over twenty years and have a firm grasp on drug laws. As seasoned drug offense attorneys, we do understand the pressure you are under and are willing to do whatever we can to fight for your future. Their vast experience with drug trafficking can provide the reassurance you need during this time.

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What sentences could I be dealing with?

Before indicting you for any sentences, the court must first determine the seriousness of your trafficking offense. This includes drugs that were deeply involved in and the amount being trafficked. In order to be sentenced, there must be proof you acted with full knowledge when transporting drugs.

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Drug trafficking offenses are punishable by the following:

-Schedule I and II drugs: Up to thirty (30) years in jail and/or fines up to $10 million
-Schedule III drugs: Up to ten (10) years in jail and/or fines up to $2 million
-Schedule IV drugs: Up to six (6) years in jail and/or fines up to $2 million
-Schedule V drugs: Up to two (2) years in jail and/or fines up to $500,000

The court may hand down much more severe indictments whether the crime involved was carried out in a school or other protected zone.

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Our criminal defense attorneys will provide you with personalized counsel throughout your case in attempt to get a result.

Drug trafficking defenses can include:

-Mistaking the trafficked drugs for something different
-Transporting the drugs out of fear or while under duress
-Lack of knowledge

Drug Sale Charge Attorney

Have you been detained for allegedly selling drugs? Just because authorities have handed down indictments against you does not mean you will be found guilty! With the right criminal defense attorney on your side, you can fight your indictments and stand up for your rights. So, let our well-experienced drug crime attorneys review your case.

With over twenty (20) years of criminal defense experience, our law firm is ready to defend your future and reputation against drug-related sale indictments. We are known for providing dedicated defense supported by devoted defense. You can be confident knowing your case is in our law firm s qualified and knowledgeable hands!


Under the law, you could be dealing with a felony for the lowest conviction, which can carry up between 180 and 2 years in prison, not to mention up to $10,000 in fines. However, this does not even take into consideration the type or amount of drug involved in the accusations. For instance, if you are arrested with hundreds of grams of a serious drug on your person, such as heroin, you could be dealing with life in jail and $250,000 in fines. It is important that you start building a strong defense against your indictments immediately.

Defenses against drug sale indictments:

-You were not aware the illegal substances were in your possession
-Your rights were violated in an illegal search and seizure
-You possessed the illegal substances for personal use, not for sale (which carries lesser sentences)

Whatever the case, our well-experienced, skilled and reliable criminal defense attorneys know how to craft a strategic defense against your indictments. When you come to our law firm, we will carefully review each and every single detail of your case to determine the best approach.

Drug Possession Attorney

While drug possession is not the most severe of narcotics indictments, it is still considered as a serious offense and can carry significant sentences. What constitutes an illegal substance is decided by the statutes, and definitions are several and classed by their legality.

For example, cocaine and heroin are considered as "Class 1" controlled substances since such drugs are outlawed. In the case of Ritalin and valium, however, can be safely prescribed by a physician, but be illegally obtained. They are considered as "Class 3" controlled substance.

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What sentences can a defendant expect from my drug possession charge?

The severity of drug possession charges, and sentences related to them, are dependent on a few factors. Most are noted by the arresting law enforcement officer when the drugs are found.

Weighty factors in a drug possession charge include:

-Tyoe of substance found
-Quantity of that substance
-If/how drug was concealed
-Prior criminal record

Furthermore, each class of drug carries its own hierarchy of sentences. Class 1 possession cases carry the harshest of these penalties. Everything from fines to jail time can result from a drug possession case. To help you understand and prepare for the type of possession you or a loved one might be dealing with, it is advised you seek the counsel of a skilled and well-experienced drug crime defense attorney—and our attorneys are ready to take your call today.

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Drug Paraphernalia Possession Charges

Drug paraphernalia possession crime is an indictment that is often included in drug possession charges. When police officers or investigators make a drug possession detention, they can also make note of items used in the consumption of that drug. This can include pipes and syringes-- and even common items like bowls and spoons whether they appear to be used in the consumption or storage of narcotics.

Drug paraphernalia possession is considered a misdemeanor and can give rise to a $500 fine. While this is a minor indictment, it can further complicate a drug possession case against defendant.

If you or a loved one are dealing with drug possession indictment and are looking for solid defense from a criminal defense attorney, then your search is through.

Charges for drug-related offenses carry serious weight

The state considers both the drugs themselves and the compounds used to manufacture them as illegal. This means that if you are found with any kind of controlled dangerous substances on your person, you could be put under arrest.

Drug-related crimes, including marijuana possession, manufacturing and cultivation, trafficking and distribution, and paraphernalia.

While sentences for each may change, common indictments include:

-Up to thousands of dollars in fines
-Between two (2) years to life in jail
-Mandatory drug treatment programs
-Felony conviction

Penalties may be much more serious for subsequent crimes, the type of illegal substances involved, or for offenses taking place in school or other drug-free zones. Our country is known for carrying out harsh sentences for drug-related crimes – you can expect that a heavy hand in justice will be served.

When your rights and freedoms are hanging in the balance, you cannot afford to put your trust in mediocre defense. At our Law Offices, you can trust that our criminal defense attorneys will use their legal abilities and knowledge in attempt to guarantee a favorable result on your behalf.