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Drug indictments are pursued aggressively. The white powder (Cocaine) is the third leading cause of hospital admissions and the second leading cause of deaths with only alcohol and marijuana being higher. Possession indictments can be filed against you even if you do not have cocaine on your person; for instance, whether your apartment or house is searched and cocaine is found or whether your car is searched and someone else in the vehicle is in possession, you may also deal with charges.

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That is why it is critical to contact a well-experienced and skilled drug crimes criminal defense attorney to start building your defense.

Cocaine Possession Enhancements

Same as with any form of drug possession, it is possible to have additional indictments filed against you if you are in cocaine possession. For instance, simple (cocaine) possession is generally indicted as a Class-4 felony, but if you are caught within 1,000 feet of a school and charged with cocaine sale the indictments will be increased to a Class-5 felony.

Furthermore, if you are caught and have cocaine and large amounts of cash, bags or other paraphernalia which may prove you intend to sell cocaine, you could be dealing with Class-3 felony indictments for drug trafficking, drug distribution, or even both.

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Sentences for Cocaine Possession

The statutes set out in the Uniform Controlled Substances Act define the act of possession as well as the punishments for possession of cocaine. Specifically, the Penal Code sets down that a Class-4 felony could result in fines (at least $1,000 and up to $500,000), as well as be subject to minimum sentencing requirements. Prison time could be as significant as six (6) years for a simple cocaine possession indictment.

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Class-5 Felony Cocaine Indictments

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Those who are dealing with Class 5 felony charges could be tackling down a minimum conviction of five (5) years as well as fines. A second sentence of cocaine sale within 1,000 feet of a school could mean a minimum punishment of twenty (20) years in prison.

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It is critical to note that some states/countries have instituted drug courts as a means of intervention. For a first-time offender, the court has significant discretion and could allow the wrongdoer to get involved in an intervention program aimed at treatment of drug problems.

Sentences for Cocaine Possession Indictments

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Same as with any indictment, cocaine possession sentences on the federal level are far more onerous than those on the state level. In almost all cases, wrongdoers will deal with mandatory prison punishments to be served in a federal prison. Prison time could be a minimum of two (2) years and fines of $5,000 for the first offense with no potential option for intervention.

What should you do if dealing with Cocaine Possession Indictments?

Prosecuting attorneys and the federal government aggressively pursue cocaine possession indictments and it is critical if you are caught and dealing with possession indictments you seek assistance from a skilled, well-experienced and highly-reliable criminal defense attorney who understands drug courts. Plus, your criminal defense attorney for cocaine possession should understand the severity of the indictments you could be dealing with and must be able to fight with both state and federal indictments effectively.

For those who are facing first-time charges, the ability to work with the prosecutors immediately may improve your chances of participating in an intervention program. Those who are facing charges for subsequent charges need an aggressive Denver criminal attorney who will mount the best possible defense and do their best to minimize the charges and penalties.

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Contact highly-reliable and skilled Cocaine Possession Defense Attorney

Drug possession crimes are very serious and too often, in their haste to get evidence, your rights may be violated. If you are dealing with cocaine possession indictments, contact our Law Office and schedule your free consultation as soon as possible. Drug crimes can result in the loss of your work, prison sentencing and can put you and your entire family at risk. Do not take chances, a cocaine criminal defense attorney can help you maintain your freedom and way of life.

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